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New Plans and Pricing

We are excited to announce that our new plans are live! Since acquiring Dead Man’s Snitch back in July we quickly learned that two plans wasn’t enough for our wide range of users. Since then, we’ve collected great feedback from users to help shape the new plans.

We’re excited about the future developments of Dead Man’s Snitch and hope you are too. To compliment the new plans, extra features are in the pipeline and Enhanced Intervals will be available soon!

Check out the new plans here➞

Posted on 2014-02-04 in plans, products, updates

Snitches? Oh, We've Got Snitches.

Not quite ready to sign up for one of our paid pro accounts? Perhaps you’re just a humble developer working on a few hobby projects that don’t actually earn you any money. We get it! How do you think we came up with this idea for Dead Man’s Snitch anyway?!

Good news! You can now earn one free snitch for every person you refer to us using your custom referral URL.  If they sign up with your link, SHAZAM, you get a free snitch. Just like that! Get two friends to sign up, you get two snitches! Math rules!

We know you’re just dying to get more snitches, so come on over to our referrals page and get yourself set up!

Posted on 2012-10-24 in free goodies, plans, products, referrals, updates