Dead Man's Snitch

Get More Out of
Your Cron Jobs

Have trouble knowing if your scheduled tasks actually ran? If you have daily backups, monthly emails, or hourly cron jobs you need to monitor Dead Man’s Snitch is for you.

You can monitor for cron, Heroku Scheduler, or any scheduled task. If they don't execute when they should, DMS alerts you.

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Kiss Silent Failures Goodbye

Many of us have been bit by a backup failing or a monthly email not sending; Dead Man’s Snitch solves that problem.

Creating a snitch is easy. Give it a name, choose your interval, and tell us who we should alert for each job.

Want push notifications too? Download the app today:

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Incredibly Simple, Setup In Seconds

Dead Man’s Snitch gives you a special URL for each job you want monitored. Use curl or your browser to make a request to this URL to start snitching.

That’s it!

Get started now!

$ run_backups_or_something && curl

That's all there is to it.

You’re In Good Company

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Teams like these rely on us every day.

What People Are Saying

DMS is a critical piece of our monitoring toolset and we rely on it heavily… I love it.”

Warwick "Rick" Poole

“Quiet monitoring is great, but silent monitoring is terrifying. DMS gives us confidence that our monitoring systems are quiet for the right reasons.”

Harry Marr

“Honestly, it does what we need it to do: it’s unobtrusive and simple, and just works.”

Kareem Mayan