Dead Man's Snitch

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Know When and Why Your Cron Job Failed

Kiss Silent Failures Goodbye with Dead Man’s Snitch

Dead Man's Snitch is an easy-to-use, dead simple cron monitoring service that notifies you when your scheduled tasks, like server backups, don't run or downright fail.

Choose the cron monitoring level that fits your needs

Basic Monitoring

Private Eye

Basic cron monitoring gives you peace of mind. You will be alerted in a timely manner if a cron job fails to run for any reason.

Missing Jobs

Common cases were a job goes missing include:

    • scheduled during a server restart
    • the server was misconfigured
    • container scheduler failed to run

Critical Monitoring

Surveillance Van

Monitor cron jobs that are critical to your business. Receive immediate alerts when your jobs error and quickly access the job's log to know why it failed.


Possible errors your job may run into include:

  • disconnected database
  • filesystem was full
  • misconfigured path

Error Logs

Get quick access to the error logs to diagnose and resolve the problem faster.