Dead Man's Snitch

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Creating a Test Snitch

The first thing a lot of users do is create an hourly test Snitch to see how Dead Man’s Snitch works. Don't worry, you can delete it at any time.

1. Name your Snitch and set the interval to Hour. You can set a Snitch-specific email address if it's different than your account email. Click Save.

2. The next page displays your unique Snitch URL and methods for installing it: cURL, email, and Ruby. To kick off the checking process request the URL using any of these three methods. The most common and basic method is using cURL and would look something like:

$ run_backups_or_something && curl

For the purpose of the test Snitch, cURL only the Snitch URL in terminal or paste the Snitch URL in your browser.

3. Head back to your dashboard. Your Snitch status light should now be a green checkmark. Since you're checking in your Snitch manually it won't be pinged in the next hour (unless you do it manually) and you’ll receive an alert email.

Note: Hourly snitches check in on the hour, every hour. Keep this in mind when you hit the Snitch URL since the first check-in may take longer than you expected. For example: If you hit the URL for the first time at 1:55 PM and your snitch doesn’t check in between 2-3 PM, you’ll receive an alert around 3:01 PM. However, if you hit the URL for the first time just after the hour, say, 2:10 PM and your snitch doesn’t check-in (from 3-4 PM), you won’t receive an alert until 4:01 PM. Since the URL was hit after the hour, the first full period is from 3-4 PM. Your snitch will continue to check-in every hour, on the hour thereafter. This blog post goes into more detail on snitch check-ins and alerts.