Dead Man's Snitch

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New Year, New Looks

Snitch Activity

We’ve improved what you see when you’re looking at your snitches! When you check up on your snitch, you’ll see a report describing any recent incidents. With this, you will quickly be able to see if your snitch failed to check in at any point, how long it was missing, and if it still needs attention.

We also list your snitch’s check-in activity with all new graphics. It is now easy to see when during a period your snitch checked in. This visual can help you to find abnormalities in your job’s check in time, or just be reassured that everything is running as expected.

Icon Changes

Note, we changed the icon for when a snitch misses a check-in (in preparation for some future developments). You will now be alerted with a blue questionmark icon instead of the red 'X'.

Happy Snitching!