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Android Update: Snitches Tell You More

With the latest version of Dead Man's Snitch for Android, we have taken a big step toward giving you the information you need to react quickly and appropriately when the unexpected occurs. Our Android development team has been hard at work so you can get more information about your snitches at a glance.

Snitch Details and Check-in History

In addition to seeing the current state of your snitches, you can now dig deeper to see more information about what is going on within the app. Now you can see your notes about the job and how to fix it if something goes wrong. You can also see the history of your check-in periods and any messages that were sent when it completed or failed.

React Quickly with Enhanced Notifications

We have enhanced our notifications to make it clearer which snitches are acting up and what they are doing. Each snitch now has its own notification stream showing you a timeline of the latest activity right from your lock screen.

Swipe to dismiss the notifications, or click them to open the app directly to the detail screen. Use your notes to let you and your team know about job priority and provide debugging guidelines. Send messages when your jobs succeed or fail so you can react quickly to the problem at hand.

The Usual Stuff

Just as before, you will get push notifications to the app provided you have an upgraded plan. You can also pause any failing snitches to stop those notifications while you investigate the problem, or just decide to wait and see what happens. Either way, we'll still notify you when everything starts working again.

So if you already have an older version, or haven't tried it yet, go download the app to your Android device and start getting informed!

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PagerDuty Integration Now Available!

We're extremely excited to announce that we now support sending alerts to PagerDuty! PagerDuty, an Incident Management System for IT Teams, provides alerting, on-call scheduling, escalation policies and incident tracking to increase uptime of your apps, servers, websites and databases. Dead Man's Snitch alerts will show up as incidents and your on-call team members will know immediately if your scheduled jobs go missing.

Integrating with PagerDuty is fast and simple. Head to your account integrations page to get started. Documentation is available here.

If there is a service you would love to see us add support for please let us know!

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Slack Integration Now Available!

We're extremely excited to announce that we now support sending alerts to Slack! Slack is a collaborative, real-time messaging app that brings all of your team’s communications together in one place. Dead Man's Snitch alerts will show up in your team's Slack channel making it easier to collaborate with your team as soon as your scheduled jobs go missing.

Setting up your account to send alerts to Slack is fast and easy! Head to your account integrations page to get started. Documentation is available here

If there is a service you would love to see us add support for please let us know!

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Android App Now Available!

We're excited to announce that the first ever Dead Man's Snitch Android app is available for download! As an extension of your account you'll be able to: 

  • View your snitch dashboard and snitch status
  • Filter your snitches by tags
  • Receive push notifications when the status of your snitches change (Private Eye plan or higher)

Let us know what you think! If you're an iPhone user our app just got a refresh including swipe to pause and landscape mode.

Happy Snitching!

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First Check-in Notification

You may have noticed that new snitches now send an email when your job checks in for the first time.

Don't worry, you won't receive an email for every check-in. We just want you to have confidence that your job and snitch are set up correctly.

Happy Snitching!

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Extra Billing Information on Receipts

Some customers may be required to include additional billing-related information to their receipts for accounting purposes.

Now you can easily add this information under your Account settings and it will be displayed on all of your receipts.

Happy Snitching!

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Nicer Snitch Setup With Autocomplete

We've recently rolled out a couple of small features to make setting up your snitches easier.

Dead Man's Snitch lets you set up each of your snitches to send alerts to a unique email address. You could even send alerts to more than one email address if you separated the addresses with commas, as shown: ",".

It's easy to mistype an address, however. To help out, DMS will now autocomplete your email addresses. Any email used in your account will show up as an option in the autocomplete.

A similar autocomplete is now available on your snitch tags as well.

We've also expanded the snitch check-in setup page.

New Snitch Install Methods

Since we now allow you to check in via email, we added directions explaining what email address to send your check-ins to.

We also added an example of checking in from Ruby using the Snitcher gem.

We plan to add examples in more languages soon. If there are any languages you'd like to see on the setup page, let us know at

We hope these improvements make setting up your snitches easier.

Happy Snitching!

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Snitch Check-in via Email

We’re excited to announce the ability to check-in your Snitches via email! Email check-ins have many use-cases and great for things like getting an email when your server goes down. 

Get your Snitch email from the "Email" tab on the left column in the snitch install page. Alerts and check-ins work the same as using curl or the Snitcher gem. 

Please Note: Checking in via email makes it easier to use Dead Man’s Snitch in situations where HTTPS isn’t feasible, though there are some caveats. While email is reliable, they can be easily delayed. Between the time an email is sent and the time it’s received, it usually goes through several intermediaries which may spool, delay, retry, or redirect it before it finally arrives at Dead Man’s Snitch. With check-ins being time sensitive, be aware that false alerts could occur if a snitch checks in towards the end of its period. For this reason we suggest using HTTPS if you can and only use email in cases where it’s the only option.

Feel free to tweet or email us your questions at

Happy Snitching!

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New Tooltips Convert UTC to Local Time Zone For You

We made a small update to our tooltips! Originally we only displayed check-in times in UTC. Some of our users shared with us that this was inconvenient and asked if we could convert the timestamps to their local time.

Now, all tooltips convert snitch check-in timestamps to a user’s local time zone and displays this in the tooltip on hover. 

These tooltips are available on your dashboard…

…and the individual snitch activity page.

We appreciate your feedback. If there’s something you would like to see added reach out to us anytime! 

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Tag Snitches For Better Dashboard Organization

Anyone who’s had 10s or 100s of snitches hasn’t had an easy way to organize their dashboards. We’re excited to announce that we released snitch tags today! Tags allow you to easily group snitches together based on projects, clients, environments, whatever! They automatically group by status so you don’t have to scroll through your entire dashboard to find the failures.

Creating Snitch Tags

Add tags to a snitch when you create or edit a snitch.  

Tags are displayed on each snitch install page for easy editing.

Snitches are automatically grouped by tag and status.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

Posted on 2015-01-28 in tags, updates

Public API + Change Snitch Intervals Anytime

Public API

Our API is now open to the public! Documentation is available here and your API key is on your Account page. We’d love to know how you’re using it!

Change Snitch Intervals Anytime

Until now, there wasn’t a way to change a snitch’s interval. You had to delete your snitch and create a new one with the new interval.

Now it’s super easy:

Don’t forget—it matters when you ping your snitch for the first time!

Take me to my dashboard


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New Intervals + UI Facelift

15 & 30 Minute Intervals

We’re excited to announce that your #1 most requested feature, 15 and 30 minute intervals, are now live! Monitoring tasks that run multiples times per hour is now easier than ever. You’ll also receive alerts up to 4x faster than before—Enjoy!

UI Facelift

The dashboard needed some love. We redesigned your dashboard to make it even easier (and faster) to manage your snitches. It doesn’t stop here, though. We’ll be introducing new features and functionality in the near future. Stay tuned!

iPhone App

We carried the new UI into our beloved iPhone app. Push notification alerts are available if email alerts aren’t enough! The app is free to download here.

Never heard of Dead Man’s Snitch but use cron or Heroku Scheduler? Give it a try free!

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Set a Billing Email

Send all billing related emails directly to your accounting department. If left blank, billing emails will be sent to the Account Email. Enter your password to confirm your changes.

Happy Snitching!

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Send Alerts to Multiple Emails

Keep the right people (or the whole team) informed.

Per snitch:


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New Plans and Pricing

We are excited to announce that our new plans are live! Since acquiring Dead Man’s Snitch back in July we quickly learned that two plans wasn’t enough for our wide range of users. Since then, we’ve collected great feedback from users to help shape the new plans.

We’re excited about the future developments of Dead Man’s Snitch and hope you are too. To compliment the new plans, extra features are in the pipeline and Enhanced Intervals will be available soon!

Check out the new plans here➞

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iOS App Release & Updates

Exciting things are happening with Dead Man’s Snitch!

We have rolled out some great new features for Dead Man’s Snitch (DMS). Please take a moment and let us walk you through what we’ve been up to. We think you will appreciate what we have done.

iPhone App Available Now

Users can now download the DMS app to conveniently monitor their Snitches from their iPhone. The app will allow users to get alerts quickly and conveniently when their processes aren’t reporting back to DMS. Download the app here

Email Subject Line Alerts

New email subject line prefixes make viewing your Snitch alert emails faster and easier. The terms, [MISSING] and [REPORTING], will be displayed at the beginning of your email based on whether or not your processes are running.

New Logo & Visual Improvements

We are proud to finally roll out a logo for Dead Man’s Snitch. Up until now we relied on our status LED to represent us. We knew it was time to put a face on DMS and that is why we made a logo.

Additionally we have improved the appearance of UI elements in the web app to be in line with our new iPhone app. Updates will continue to be released as we enhance the functionality and user-experience of Dead Man’s Snitch.

Stay tuned & happy snitching!

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Collective Idea Acquires Dead Man's Snitch

Dead Man’s Snitch is under new management, but we’re committed to making the service even better than before!

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Snitch Notes

Now you can add some markdown-formatted notes to a Snitch and we’ll send them along in the Snitch failed email.

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Per-Snitch Alert Email Addresses

You can now specify per-snitch alert email addresses. You may do this if you want different people to receive the alerts for a Snitch. 

Check out the FAQ for more information about which email address will be used when sending alerts. 

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In Which We Start to Trim Snitch Data

Starting this week we will be rolling out a part of the site that will trim the data for every snitch. We will be keeping 360 periods for hourly snitches (15 days), 30 periods for daily snitches and 24 periods for weekly and monthly snitches.

We are doing this because the data is exploding on our end and we want to manage it before it becomes a problem. We have had the possibility of trimming the data in our FAQ from the first day.

If you have any questions please email Thank you!

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Weekly Summaries

Over the last few months we’ve come to realize that months can go by without you hearing from us which can lead some people to wonder whether we are doing our job. So last week we launched weekly summaries which will hopefully give you the peace of mind that we are indeed doing our job as well as remind you if you have something misconfigured. 

This feature has been really helpful for us and we hope it will be for you too. 

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Snitches? Oh, We've Got Snitches.

Not quite ready to sign up for one of our paid pro accounts? Perhaps you’re just a humble developer working on a few hobby projects that don’t actually earn you any money. We get it! How do you think we came up with this idea for Dead Man’s Snitch anyway?!

Good news! You can now earn one free snitch for every person you refer to us using your custom referral URL.  If they sign up with your link, SHAZAM, you get a free snitch. Just like that! Get two friends to sign up, you get two snitches! Math rules!

We know you’re just dying to get more snitches, so come on over to our referrals page and get yourself set up!

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