Dead Man's Snitch

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Slack Slash Commands

Our Slack Integration just got some exciting enhancements! You can now use the /dms slash command to get information about your snitches right in your Slack channel. You can use it to get a list of your snitches, or check up on a single snitch.

Use /dms missing to get a list of all your snitches that missed their check in, or /dms status followed by a snitches name or token to see how that snitch is doing. /dms list will show you a list of all your snitches. Take control by tacking on a tag or a status to filter the list that is given.

Integrations are available for users on the Private Eye plan or higher. Head to Plans & Billing to upgrade, or your integrations page to get set up! You can read more about our Slack integrations to find out more.