Dead Man's Snitch

Integrating with Slack

When you integrate with Slack, Dead Man's Snitch alerts will post notifications to your Slack channel. In addition, you'll be able to use /dms slash commands to check up on your snitches.

Slack snitch missing


Integrating with Slack is easy and should take less than a minute.

  1. Click on Integrations from the navigation bar
  2. Click on the Add button for Slack Dms slack integration step1
  3. You'll be taken to where you'll choose which team account you want to give Dead Man's Snitch access to. Dms slack integration step2
  4. Next, choose the channel you want Dead Man's Snitch to post to and click "Authorize". Dms slack integration step3
  5. That's it! Dead Man's Snitch is now integrated with Slack and notifications will post to your Slack channels. Dms slack configured integration

Slash Commands

Slash commands can be used to check up on your snitches. Just type /dms followed by a command for snitch information to be delivered right to your slack channel.


You may need to configure your existing Slack integration to allow slash commands. When you visit your account settings, your existing integrations will have an option to upgrade to use slash commands if this needs to be done. If you don't see the link, you're all set! Updating is as simple as clicking on the upgrade link, and repeating the same steps you took when you added your integration. Update slack integration

The Commands

Here are all the commands you can use with your Dead Man's Snitch Slack integration. If you ever need a quick reminder, /dms help can give you the assistance you need.

Command Description
/dms missing Lists Snitches that have missed their check-in
/dms status [snitch name] Shows the status of the given Snitch by name
/dms status [token] Shows the status of the given Snitch by unique token
/dms list Lists all Snitches grouped by status
/dms list [tag] Lists all Snitches that have the given tag
/dms list healthy Lists all healthy Snitches
/dms list missing Lists all missing Snitches
/dms list errored Lists all errored Snitches
Slash commands