Dead Man's Snitch

Integrating with PagerDuty

Dead Man's Snitch will create PagerDuty incidents when a Snitch goes missing. Pausing a Snitch will automatically acknowledge the incident. The incident will become resolved when the Snitch starts reporting again.


Integrating with PagerDuty is easy and should take less than a minute.

  1. Click on Integrations from the navigation bar
  2. Click on the Add button for PagerDuty Dms pagerduty step1
  3. You will be taken to where you will be asked to authorize Dead Man's Snitch for your PagerDuty account. Dms pagerduty step2
  4. Lastly, create a new service for Dead Man’s Snitch and you’re good to go. Dms pagerduty step3
  5. That's it! Dead Man’s Snitch will now create and manage incidents when your Snitches go missing.